So proud to share the list of the Official Shoetopia Bloggers!

Asthenia Pinazzo
Bouncer Criss
Bunny Brickworks
Cajsa Lilliehook
Eden Knoller
Felicity Blumenthal
Gidge Uriza
Grazia Horwitz
Greta Gazov
Harlow Heslop
Journey Lorakeet
Kaelyn Alecto
Katya Valeska
Kirsty Oherlihy
Lila Quander
Lucie Bluebird
Luna Jubilee
Magenta DeVinna
Mavi Beck
Mokatana Boa
Oakley Foxtrot
Octagons Yazimoto
Qopi Resident
Sasy Scarborough
Sylvia Olivier
Takuma Kawashima
Takuya Kawashima
Trinetty Skytower
Valena Vacano
Vixie Rayna
Whimsy Winx
Zoe Gloster

Shoetopia will be handling bloggers as follows:

A small main group of official Shoetopia Bloggers - invite only, which have been handpicked by the Shoetopia team. Please keep checking for announcement of official blogger group.

A limited number blogger group for early access which applications are open for and will be announced after the end of the contest, October 15th.

If you would like to apply to be in the Early Access Blogger Group - please apply here.

Shoetopia Blogger Manager is Katya Valeska. Please note, any notecards received will not be reviewed.

Thank you!

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