Sunday, November 10, 2013

Shoetopia Early Access Bloggers

To accommodate more bloggers we decided to do an early access group. Katya Valeska, Shoetopia Blogger Manager, was kind enough to take on the very daunting task of going through hundreds of amazing entries for the Shoetopia early access contest and she narrowed it down to the following:

Early access will be announced in the blogger group shortly. Thank you!

Adrienne Walpole
Ai Hienrichs
Aiubrey Snoodle
AliceInChains Arun
Asia Romano
Barbie Glas
Blackmagic Haven
Booch Capelo
Brandi Monroe
Chance Raynier
Chic Aeon
Cindy Gedenspire
Cora Pomilio
Cryssie Carver
Daniella Riaxik
Danna Benoir
Danni Ravinelli
Darkley Aeon
Druuna Metall
Dyana Serenity
EmilianaMarie Resident
Emirun Resident
Evangelical Resident
Evion Ember
Fayette Aeon
Ficceh Resident
Flower Ducatillon
Foxx Pawpad
Harper Beresford
Harvest Dezno
Hikaru Enimo
Isabelle Anatine
Keely Mistwood
Kimbra Iridescent
Kismet Faith
Lada Leeeroy 
Laine Frye
Lelu Anatine
Lotus Mastroianni
Lyrical Ember
MarieDuplessis Francois
Mishca Moyet
Maci Restless
Mikel Monk
Natsumi Kangjon
Neskita Galicia
Nidya Faith
Rosalie Ergenthal
Roxi Bluewood
Sash Arabello
Selena Mortmagus
Seoyoung Resident
Shayariel Teardrop
Shiva Svoboda
Skyla Tunwarm
Sookie Triellis
Sopheemojo Resident
Tamary9 Resident
Vanity Mirror
Veridian Frog
Villemo Inglewood
Volupturaptor Perl
Wendz Tempest
Wild Bedrosian
Willow Zander
Xela Woodford

Thank you all for your beautiful pictures and all the hard work you put into your images.

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