Saturday, November 30, 2013

Shoetopia Thank You!

After 11 months of planning, plotting, a bit of crying, MAYBE a little screaming, and moments of severe anxiety; Anessa and I are just in awe that we are mere hours from the closing of the first Shoetopia. A huge, and I mean HUGE, thank you to every single designer, consumer, blogger and anyone at all who helped make this event happen. The product designers put out, blew us away. The images and blogs the bloggers posted - just amazed by your dedication. The gacha designers - wow. You all humbled us more than words can express, and from the bottom of our 'soles' we appreciate your time and talents!

GOS, LaRoo, SLink and Just Design - thank you for being our main sponsors. What an amazing group. Thank you, thank you. All our secondary sponsors and shoe designers - this event would never have happened without you!

Rebeca Bashly - thank you for a build that just exceeded all our expectations.
Paco Pooley - thank you for the gorgeous Gacha angels - they were exactly what Anessa envisioned.
Truth Hawks - thank you for the use of your two sims. You're kind gesture will make it possible for us to donate more to Soles4Souls, thank you.

Eden Knoller and Katya Valeska - what would we have done without you two? Thank you for being so incredibly important to our Shoetopia family. I will be contacting the Soles4Souls contact early next week for final totals.

Once I have them and an official receipt - I will post here, Flickr, Plurk and I am sure Anessa and I will post them on our own blogs to make sure all numbers hit the feeds. So what do you say? Same time? Next year? Start looking for applications and invites for Shoetopia 2014 in May of next year.

 Respectfully yours, Anessa Stine and Sophia Harlow

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